Léonard Jullien

Underwriter & Actuary - P&C
Northern & Central Europe

A brief overview

Holding a Master's degree in Actuarial Science from the Institut de Science Financière et d'Assurances, I started my career in reinsurance at Swiss Re, working as an underwriter for both the French and Belgian markets.

Following this experience, I spent a few months in consulting to explore a different professional setting.

In April 2023, I joined CCR Re as a P&C Underwriter & Actuary, focusing on the Northern and Central European markets.

My objective is to maintain and expand our portfolio in the Northern and Central European markets. The diversity of our clients, both in terms of risks and geographical areas, is the richness of this business and drives me every day.

I am committed to assisting our clients with their unique needs while fostering long-term, trusting relationships.

Underwriter - P&C since 2023
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Northern & Central Europe
Léonard Jullien

I bring dedication, diligence, and technical expertise to serve our clients, ensuring they receive the most suitable reinsurance solutions tailored to their specific needs.

Employee since 2023
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 Reassurance's view

Reinsurance is a fascinating industry. Assisting insurers worldwide in their efforts to support victims of both everyday and catastrophic risks is strongly meaningful.

The variety of geographic regions, reinsured risks, and unique local cultures imply that reinsurance is perpetually evolving, with new insights continually emerging.

Escaping the monotony of daily life, its significant role in modern insurance underscores the importance of this vital sector.

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