We operate in the property and casualty (per risk and per event), accident and transports (fires, accidents, miscellaneous risks, transport) branches, in France and internationally.


We offer proportional, non-proportional and non-traditional reinsurance protection on guarantees such as mortality, dependence, disability, diseases.


We offer you tailor-made solutions for credit guarantee, political risks, marine, aviation, space and terrorism.

Why choosing CCR Re ?


CCR Re offer reinsurance without distance, with a quality, competitive, tailor-made and innovative service in line with its solvency and profitability objectives. The proximity and stability of the relationships, the close attention and the detailed understanding of the client's needs are the signature of CCR Re.


You can count on the commitment, experience and expertise of CCR Re's experts. They are at your service and can communicate with you in over 15 languages. The teams, which have been extensively reorganized and expanded, are younger, more feminized and multicultural. Underwriting has been extended to new markets, especially in Latin America, sub-Saharan Africa and the Indian Ocean region.


CCR Re's service is based on international teams, combining technical expertise and commercial experience. Our experts are skilled underwriters in their line of business and their market. And they are passionate.


CCR Re's culture is based on strong and conservative financial management and a stable risk underwriting policy that meets the needs of its clients over the years. The diversity of its underwriting and investment portfolio, its prudent reserving policy, the protection of its balance sheet and results against peak risks, its governance, organization and internal control system reinforce CCR Re's solidity.


CCR Re asset management includes sustainability target along with three pillars: prevention of transition risk, adaptation to physical risks and support for societal transition. It takes part in financing initiatives supporting the environmental and societal transition, as well as the progressive achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals.


Today, CCR Re is a company in full transformation. All processes are being redesigned with the introduction of artificial intelligence in underwriting analysis, allowing our experts to focus on value-added tasks and client relationship management.

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Our experts listen carefully to you and work by your side to find solutions. Service and proximity are at the core of all our business relationships"

Hervé Nessi
Chief Underwriting Officer
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