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[PRESS RELEASE] CCR sets a new course for CCR Re

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Financial information

2021 ended with a strong turnover growth, good results and a strong solvency position.  

  • Stong growth in turnover, up 30% to 843M€, or up to 21% net of FX impacts and prior year adjustments.
  • Net income more than doubled from €18m to €41m. It was enhanced by the strong improvement in technical profitability resulting from CCR Re's underwriting discipline and portfolio profile: the combined ratio in non-life reinsurance was 96.6%.
  • The solvency ratio remained strong at 192%, in line with the [180% - 220%] risk appetite framework.

2021 annual results announced by our Chairman and CEO Bertrand Labilloy

Our key documents

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CCR Re & CCR Group 2021 Activity report - 17-mar-2022

In 2021 the Group achieved solid results and results and continued its transformation.

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CCR Re & CCR Group 2021 ESG-Climate Report - 30-june-2022

Drawing on its experience in risk management and its recognised scientific expertise in natural catas trophe forecasting, the CCR Group places the analysis of risks and opportunities related to climate change developments at the heart of its action and strategy.

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CCR Re - 2021 financial report - 23-march-2022

2021 was a good year for CCR Re.

Condensed information and figures 2019 CCR Re

CCR Re - 2020 condensed information and figures - 28-jun-2021

This presentation includes forward-looking statements that are based on management's current views and assumptions.

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